WTF?!? 26 March 2009


Okay, I’ll confess…I didn’t bother watching the President’s online “town hall” event earlier today. I’m lazy like that.

Besides which, I’m guessing that, based on Tuesday night’s performance, my response to today’s event would be a sustained, very audible SNORE. Based on the synopsis of his comments, I’m almost certain that this would have been the case. [1]

One potentially major quibble with his responses: when asked if his administration will make an effort to reclaim the manufacturing jobs that have been outsourced to overseas locales, his answer was “no”. Pardon? Could you please repeat that?!? Just whose economy is he trying to help out here? Ours, or our overseas trading partners? Call me old fashioned, but am I wrong in thinking that our government should concern itself, first and foremost, with assisting its own citizens? Am I wrong in thinking that those manufacturing jobs would help immensely in our economic recovery? Not to mention weaning ourselves off of our dependence on foreign manufacturing sources on the off (but possibly growing) chance that some of said nations might start to feel a little more adversarial towards us? China, anybody? Or does nobody care anymore?

Is it too much to ask for other nations to trade with us in a fair manner? Or maybe everything will be just fine if we sit back on our asses and wait for the administration’s “green” energy initiatives to save us from reality. I’m sure it’ll work out just fine for all of us.

Oh, and a minor note while I’m in rant mode. Of the over 100,000 questions submitted, the President chose to answer a question about legalizing marijuana. Granted, it was a popular question (and I do wonder how many of his supporters were tokin’ up during his campaign speeches…I have no other explanation for how people found them so “inspiring”), but he was not required to answer the question, simply because it was so. Are there not more important issues facing the nation these days? As mentioned in a previous post, our elected representatives have the solemn duty to represent the common interests of the nation, and to determine whether a particular issue truly has merit. [2] If this is an example of the President’s wisdom WRT policy priorities, then I am well and truly worried about his decision-making skills.


[1]: CNN article, 26 March 2009.

[2]: See note 4 to this post.


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