Random thoughts, 17 April 2009


Not much to say for this week in general. The President continues to perpetual campaign, this time, around the world. [1] Of course, he argues that cooperation around the world is necessary for our prosperity, but I’m not sure I buy the argument. Additionally, he runs the risk of appearing to ignore the ongoing problems that plague our own people. I wonder if this is not a sign that the President does not really know what to do, and so, keeps trying to garner support for, well, again, that is the problem isn’t it? In any event, I am so very proud to have a President whose actions strongly resemble those of a chicken without a head.

It is also increasingly clear that the President is continuing his appeasement policies, heedless of the consequences. [2] I will be the first to admit that a trade embargo does little bring foreign powers around to our way of seeing things; most of these nations are ones whose leaders would willingly starve their own populations to advance their policies, anyways. [3] I suspect that we will not be any more successful by concession and appeasement; I guess we will just have to wait and see, since we are obviously headed down that path, regardless of the consequences. I honestly wish that we would just pull back from all these foreign committments, but of course, nobody wants to do that anymore; globalization is the best thing ever, right? And more importantly, the President himself feels a strong need to support these other nations with our own blood and treasure (more of the latter, I suspect), and he has the backing of his sycophants in Congress, so I suspect that such things will only continue. Alas.

Of course, the President and his supporters are quick to claim a mandate from the people for his actions. [4] In the strictest of terms, this is correct; [5] OTOH, I seem to recall the term “mandate” traditionally being applied to election results wherein the winning candidate accumulated a substantial majority of the votes (say, 60% or higher). The results from last November do not indicate such a result, [6][7] though I suppose that the President’s sycophants will simply argue that such interpretations are the aberrant thoughts of a social deviant who refuses to recognize the “historic” nature of the President’s victory. Well, let them think such thoughts, and I will continue to think mine; last time I checked, thoughtcrime was only a fictional crime.


[1]: CNN Ticker article, 16 April 2009.

[2]: CNN articles, see here and here, 13 April 2009 & 17 April 2009 (respectively).

[3]: See, for example, the recent history of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, more commonly known as North Korea) or of China during the Great Leap Foward, and similar initiatives. Of course, in the latter situation, it could be legitimately argued that Mao and his allies were not fully cognizant of the consequences of their policies.

[4]: See, for example, this sychpantic blog post, 13 Nov. 2008; note that it was posted on a Marxist online resource. Not sure if that latter fact is significant…

[5]: Dictionary definition of the term available here, from the Merriam-Webster website; in this case, the second definition is the one that is pertinent.

[6]: Election results available here, from the CNN Election Center.

[7]: Of course, the President did garner a substantial majority of electoral votes compared to his challenger (365 to 173, or 68% to 31%), though the popular vote was much closer (53% to 46%); even so, most people do not pay as close attention to the electoral votes as they do to the popular vote counts. I suspect that nobody would appreciate my pointing out the irony if the President’s sycophants try to point to his electoral vote counts as “proof” of his mandate. After all, many of these individuals were probably the same ones bemoaning this very same system (the Electoral College) during the 2000 Presidential Election.


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