Nothing on my mind, 01 May 2009


Today, I’m lazy. And I’m still recovering from my trip back east, so, um, yeah. Those are my excuses for now. So, in lieu of a more wordy post, please enjoy the following image.


As you may suspect, this guy embodies an activity which I occasionally feel the need to engage in (and before any of y’all English students, I know that I ended that sentance with a preposition; the alternative construction, however, was far more cumbersome and silly sounding, so there). The sculpture itself is made of welded scrapmetal, and he is situated within the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Despite the potentially violent appearance, the sculpture is actually swinging a pickaxe, and is part of a trio of sculptures that are all engaged in horticultural activities.  Granted, I know almost nothing about horticulture (or scrapmetal sculpting), but the gardens are actually quite nice, and have many good locations for shooting pictures, so I enjoy visiting.

Photo information:

Camera: Nikon FM2 w/ 50mm f/1.2 (shot at f/16)
Film: Kodak TMax ISO 100 (35mm)



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