New direction, 04 May 2009


Okay, to be fair, this is not so much a “new” direction as it is an additional one; I will not be abandoning my other posting activities, merely supplementing them.

As some of you may have noticed from my prior posts, photography is one of my other interests, and, given that it is getting warmer out, I will likely be indulging more frequently. Just to clarify, however: if you are interested in reading about digital techniques and such, you will be disappointed. My digital manipulation activities are generally limited to minor color corrections and conversions to black and white, with the occasional sepia toning thrown into the mix. The only Photoshop effect I generally use is the Blur filter to achieve a soft focus effect. My primary interest is in film photography, and, by extension, using film cameras – particularly older and/or obscure ones. I realize that this is fairly anachronistic, given my interest in modern technology, but it is what it is. I enjoy it, so as long as I am able, I will continue to do so.

I will start off with a post of this nature sometime later today, probably this evening.


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