Nothing on my mind, 12 May 2009


Okay, today got away from me pretty good, so here’s another photo, instead.


Just try and figure out what it is!

Photo Information:

Camera: Nikon Coolpix P80
ISO setting: 64

Not much else to tell, as far as the camera goes; the photo was taken at the farthest zoom setting (~480mm at the 35mm conversion, but I’m not entirely sure of the exact figure) and at the widest aperture (in this case, f/5.6, I think; the lens has variable maximum aperture settings, and at the farthest zoom range, the max aperture is rather slow). A note on my habits when it comes to digital photography. You’ll note that the photo here is in black and white; I did not shoot it that way, i.e. I did not use the black and white setting on my camera. I always shoot in color, then convert it to black and white in post-processing. I shoot this way because even if I know that I will convert a shot to black and white, I prefer having the color information up front, since there are times that a black and white conversion just doesn’t look right, even with after I manipulate it to the best of my ability. Other times, I’ll notice something in the colors that warrants keeping it that way, so I find that it is more versatile to shoot in color, and convert it after the fact.

As for the photo itself, I did do a little burning in the center part of the photo, since some of the more subtle tones were lost from the bright highlight at the bottom of the image. Likewise, I dodged the shadows on the right hand side to bring back some of the details that would otherwise be completely hidden. I also adjusted the contrast a little, but other than that, the camera generally does a good job of capturing decent exposures.



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