Nothing on my mind, 03 June 2009


Alright, today got away from me pretty good, and I don’t feel like writing anything too substantial at this point in the night. So, here’s another photo to fill the void until I do have something more vitriolic to say.


Like the photo in Monday’s post, I shot this photo with a miniature plate camera; in this case, it was a Nagel/Kodak Recomar 18, which is also produces 6 ½ cm x 9 cm (2 ¼” x 3 ¼”) negative frames. As with the Maximar, I also used the rollfilm adapter, so that I could use 120 film in lieu of the glass plates the camera originally used (and which I cannot make myself).

Photo information:

Camera: Nagel/Kodak Recomar 18 [1]
Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach 105mm f/4.5 Xenar
Film: Kodak TMax ISO 100 (120)
Exposure: Minolta Spotmeter F

The scene was a friend’s bedroom in his Boston (Beacon Hill) apartment; I believe this was shot in the late evening, as the light coming in from the window to the right does not appear to be very bright. [2] This is actually one of my favorite shots, due in no small part to the strong contrast between the light and dark tones, but also because of the wide range of tones in the rest of the scene. I have tried to replicate the mood of this shot in other, similar settings, but I haven’t quite succeeded. I suspect that I may be a victim of my effort to meter accurately; the reason the lamp appears as bright as it does is because I metered the lampshade as the brightest object in the room. If I were trying to “accurately” capture this scene, I should have adjusted the settings, as the lampshade is not truly white. I have adjusted my meter readings in subsequent similar photos, but as a result, these later photos have not quite replicated the glowing appearance of the lamp in this photo. I guess I will have to try again, and try not to be so “correct!”

Also, notice that there is a blob on my friend’s bed; this is his roommate’s cat, who has sadly passed on. [3] Sure, he occasionally attacked me, but generally, he was a good little creature. But what can I say…I like cats, even the evil, sadistic ones!



[1]: Eastman Kodak bought the German camera manufactuer, Dr. Nagel-Werke in 1931. For the next few decades, the Nagel factory continued to produce many well-engineered camera models for Kodak. The Recomar was one of a few models that were designed by Nagel prior to their purchase by Kodak, and kept in production by the latter after the purchase. See here for a brief timeline, including information about the Nagel factory, from the Kodak website.

[2]: Given the narrow streets and (relatively) tall buildings in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, it is not easy to determine the time of day, since direct sunlight only strikes this particular building for a very brief period during the day. This does not mean that the apartment is dark, merely that it primarily receives indirect light for most of the day.

[3]: I think his (the cat’s) name was Fitz, but I’m not entirely sure. I only met the little guy once, when I visited for about a week, so I didn’t get a chance to get to know him too well. Apart from the biting, which I generally took to be his version of “play.” Cats can be weird like that.


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