Nothing on my mind, 08 June 2009


No, really. Nothing up there. I don’t even feel like writing a full, “serious” photography post, so here’s another random picture of a cat. What can I say? I love the little creatures. [1]


Despite my general apathy today, there are two things I’d like to point out in the photo. The first, and most obvious, is the dramatic lighting / shadows in the shot; this is not necessarily surprising, since she, like most cats, enjoys sleeping in patches of direct sunlight. [2] Additionally, her white fur substantially heightens the contrast already present due to the aforementioned direct sunlight. Second, note the tiny reflection in her right eye; cool, ain’t it?



[1]: No, I do not feel the need to turn in my man card because I prefer the company of cats. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs (big ones), too. I just prefer the company of cats because all of the ones I have encountered thus far are fairly clean, are not incurably co-dependent and insistent upon receiving constant attention, and are much easier to fit on my lap. As to that last issue, yes, I know that there are so-called “lap” dogs, but I hate those (yes, hate [*]); a real dog, IMHO, is either one that serves a useful purpose and/or masses roughly half the weight of a full-grown man. Rottweilers and Dobermans, the two breeds my family has traditionally owned, both meet these criteria; my sister’s Beagle, while not meeting the second criterion, did serve a useful purpose (the breed is a dedicated hunting dog, among other things), even if he doesn’t make the best guard dog (more ably served by her other dog, a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix). Also, there’s this, from John Scalzi’s blog, The Whatever; the NYT article he mentions is also worth reading. Oh, and in case you are unfamiliar with Scalzi and his antics, the name “Ghlaghghee” is actually pronounced “Fluffy;” I never quite understood how this works, but he’s a writer, so I suspect he knows some language tomfoolery that I do not.

[2]: No, really; you could track her around the house, just by noting where the sun filters through the various windows and blinds. This also works in reverse: you can get a decent indication of the time of day by where she’s sleeping at any given moment, but only when its sunny out. Or if she’s sleeping on my lap, in which case, it could be, well, any time of day.

[*]: For example, my roommate has a Shih Tzu that, given my druthers, I’d (at best) take out to the middle of nowhere (like downstate Illinois) and leave it there. At worst, well, its a little larger than a football, so I suspect that I could dropkick it off the back porch (for reference, I live on the third floor). Seriously, the thing is filthy, it drools all over itself, it defecates inside the apartment at will (and is wholly unapologetic about it – damn thing even tries to bite me when I shove its face into the cleanup), and it doesn’t serve any useful function (nor could it, from my observations of its activities). At least cats kill and eat vermin and generally know how to use a toilet (of sorts); this thing, as far as I can tell, is only skilled in eating, crapping, and drooling. And, as mentioned, it doesn’t even do that second thing when and where its supposed to. Urg. But fear not, all you bleeding heart animal lovers; I have already assured my roommate that his creature is safe from violent antics on my part. Unless it ruins any of my stuff, in which case, its open season.


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