Nothing on my mind, 01 July 2009


Actually, since I’ve posted a few photography-themed musings lately, I think I’ll keep up with that for a little while. Yeah, I know…what about my angry rantings? Well, you know. It takes effort to write those, and to follow up on news stories, references, and such. That, and I talked to some photographer friends while I was back on the East Coast, and well, it’ll be fun to focus on this activity for a little while. Granted, I’m no professional in the field, but it is a hobby I have avidly pursued for many years, so I’m no novice, either. And, like I said, the rantings can be draining after awhile. So, enjoy the pretty pictures. [1]

Retina I - PortsHouse01

Photo Information:

Camera: Kodak Retina I, Type 141
Lens: Kodak Anastigmat Ektar 50mm f/3.5
Film: Kodak TMax ISO 100 (35mm)
Exposure: Minolta Spotmeter F

The subject of this photo is a house in Portsmouth, VA, which is across the Elizabeth River from Norfolk (my hometown). Mostly, I like the various forms you can clearly see here, and the interplay between the rounded turret on the left and the angular forms on the right. Oh, and the trees make a nice leafy frame for the harder lines of the house.



[1]: Well, I think they’re pretty; as with most subjective issues in life (read: all creative pursuits), YMMV.


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