Nothing on my mind, 12 July 2009


Looks like I won’t be doing a “serious” post for a bit longer. Besides which, its Sunday today, so screw serious! The other issue, of course, is that I haven’t done much uploading to my Flickr site recently (there are many factors involved in this lack of activity, but mostly, it is due to laziness). So, in celebration of my recently uploaded content, here’s a brand-spankin’ new photo.


Despite my distaste for the loan-word used to describe shallow depth of field effects, I do, in fact, enjoy shooting such photos, as evidenced by this photo. I was also impressed by the location of this tenacious little plant; yes, it is next to Lake Michigan (which probably isn’t too unusual), but it is also sprouting out of a crack between the metal shoring that forms the edge of the walkway adjacent to the lake, and the concrete that makes up the walkway itself. You can see a little of the shoring to the right of the plant’s stem (its the rust-colored, well, rusty metal), and the concrete to the left. I think it has a nice springtime feel to it…even though I shot this photo two days ago (which, of course, means that it is summer, and not spring – details).

This photo is also a useful example of why I always shoot digital photos in color, instead of using the black and white settings on the camera. In this case, I thought that this photo might look well in black and white, but upon converting the file, I just couldn’t manipulate the tones to make the plant stand out against the background as well as it does in color. Additionally, the “glow” of the leaves renders as a fairly nondescript light grey/white, and I didn’t feel that this captured the feel of the scene as well as the bright green you see here. Had I originally shot this photo strictly in black and white, I never would have had the opportunity to compare the monochromatic version to the full color version. As it is, I did get the chance to compare the two results, and well. I think it worked out better this way.



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