Nothing on my mind, 23 July 2009


This is more of a pre-emptive strike than an indication of my mental status for today; I suspect that I will have some work to do later on this evening, and while I’d love to use up the afternoon poking my nose into more serious topics and such, well. I’m burning up perfectly useful daylight, and I’d like to be outdoors, instead of chained to my computer. I know, I know…such a weird concept, right? As such, enjoy the photo, while I pretend to ignore the internets for now.


This is a relatively common sight around Chicago, as there are several elevated rail lines still in operation. And, while it is becoming increasingly popular to tear down older buildings and replace them with worthless pieces of crap that sell for millions of dollars anyways (inexplicably – at least, inexplicable to me), there are still plenty of older buildings to be seen that were built around the elevated tracks. It is also worth noting that while Chicago’s streets, for the most part, follow a strict rectilinear grid, the elevated rail lines do not, hence the odd shape of the building to the left.

As for the photo itself, I did relatively little manipulation to it prior to posting it. The light was good that afternoon, so the contrast was quite good. I dodged the highlights under the rail line a little bit, but there was only a limited amount of detail available there, anyways, so there’s not much to see. I would have liked to have captured a train crossing the tracks at the same time, but after waiting for several minutes, none showed up. Alas.



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