I’m still calling it the Sears Tower


Yes, I know…two posts today. Well, I just started this new category, and this event is occurred relatively recently, so I felt the urge to write about it.


For those of you who don’t know, Willis Group Holdings, an insurance broker based in London, recently acquired the naming rights to the Sears Tower as part of an agreement to lease office space in the iconic tower. [1] They recently exercised their right to rename the tower earlier this month, so “officially,” the tower will hereafter be known as the Willis Tower. Sounds silly, don’t it?

Granted, I understand the motivation behind renaming a building to increase company’s visibility; I’m not especially happy about such occurrences, but I understand the motivation. That said, given the iconic nature of this particular building, however, I find it odd that the Willis Group would not have felt themselves to be equally visible (if not more so), had they retained the Sears Tower name. Certainly, I suspect that there are few Chicagoans who will embrace the new name; on the contrary, I would not be surprised if most Chicagoans would not have been happier with the Willis Group had they kept the name.

Also, while I am certain that the folks at Willis Group Holdings are fine folks indeed, still, I have to say it: you guys totally suck. And, for the record, I will continue referring to the building as the Sears Tower for as long as I live.


[1]: See here for some details regarding the renaming (Wikipedia article); oh sure, there are probably also news stories regarding this event, but I am too lazy to look them up. Also, for the folks at Wikipedia: shame on you for renaming your article. You guys suck, too.


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