Nothing on my mind, 29 July 2009


Today, I just felt like adding another photo post, so enjoy the picture.


This view is of the Chicago River with Wacker Drive on the right-hand side. I took this photo while standing on the LaSalle Street Bridge, facing roughly east-southeast. The ice chunks in the river look a bit fuzzy because they were actually floating with the river current, while the photo itself is a timed exposure (2 or 4 sec., I believe). I captured this shot using the manual settings on my digital camera, having found that these setting produce superior results at night – you’d think that I would’ve intuitively deduced that this could transfer over to daylight use, but you’d be wrong. I didn’t figure that out until many months later, and after some prodding from a photographer friend who uses these settings exclusively. What can I say? I’m stubborn, and not always swift at picking up on subtle suggestions. But I’ve already delved into that topic previously, so no need to retread ground already covered.

Otherwise, the photo is a fairly straightforward one; no substantial post-processing required, apart from that needed to convert the color original into the black and white image you see here. I did, however, bracket the exposure when I shot it, since I wanted to be sure the resulting image wasn’t too garish – and I didn’t entirely trust even the manual settings to get it right. Suspicions aside, I ended up selecting one of the “middle” exposures, anyways, since the camera did, in fact, accurately meter the scene. Minor aside: even though I was using my digital camera, which weighs somewhat less than a pound (I think), I used my heavy Manfrotto tripod to take the shot. Even though the camera is so light, and the tripod can accommodate up to a 12-lb load, I like using the heavier tripod, since it is less susceptible to wind and other vibrations than I lighter model. Unfortunately, the price I pay for this advantage is that the Manfrotto tripod and head assembly weigh in at a combined load of just shy of 10 pounds. On a positive note, I suppose I could use it as an effective cudgel if anyone were stupid enough to accost me…



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