Nothing on my mind, 30 July 2009


Yes, another photo post, because my brain doesn’t want to cooperate with me on more serious collaborations. This is probably for the best, anyways, since, well. As I’ve said before, angry rants take effort.


I shot this photo in the Loop, the local name for the downtown area of Chicago. One of the reasons for this nickname is, of course, the loop formed by the elevated rail lines that framed the original extent of downtown back in the day.

Regarding the photo itself, I stood at this location for several minutes, waiting for a train to pass by on the elevated tracks. The photo itself did not require much in the way of post-processing, since the light was, as you can see, quite good that afternoon. I did perform a bit of dodging on the right-hand side of the photo, so that I could recover some of the details from the shadows in the lower right-hand corner, as well as from the tree on the right. I did try to dodge a little in the dark shadow on the bottom of the image, but there’s no detail there, apart from the bike rider, so I didn’t bother pushing too far with that. Most of the area is asphalt, anyways, so there really wasn’t much to see.



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