Nothing on my mind, 31 July 2009


Due to my nocturnal activities last night, my brain is a bit more addlepated than usual today, so I’m not even going to attempt writing an angry rant. Besides, there doesn’t appear to be much about which I could formulate said angry rant, so there’s that. In the meantime, enjoy the photo while I attempt to recover some semblance of cognitive ability.


The subject of this photo is a rather curiously shaped stair in a new development in the north Loop / River North area of Chicago (I’m not sure of the exact neighborhood location). Obviously, the shape was intended to serve as a light well for the trees growing in the center of the stair; regardless of the intention, it produced an interesting shape and lighting condition, so it captured my attention.

The photo details are fairly simple; I shot the photo on the wideangle setting on my digital camera (roughly equivalent to a 28mm focal length on a 135 camera). Post processing was straightforward: the contrast and tones were sufficiently rendered that I did not have to manipulate them much to achieve the desired result. This is also one of the few cases where I converted the file to black and white by simply converting the file to grayscale; depending on the situation, this is not always sufficient to produce a good black and white result, but in this case, I think it worked out well. The composition mostly dictated itself, as well; I simply made sure to capture the full extent of the cast concrete “railing” by leaving enough of the stair visible on the right-hand side. There is, unfortunately, some slight perspective distortion evident in the lower left-hand corner of the photo, as well as in the buildings visible in the background, but this was unavoidable, given the composition. In any case, I don’t mind it so much here, since I think it actually helps to focus one’s attention towards the bright center of the image.



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