Nothing on my mind, 05 August 2009


Honestly, I’m trying to write up an angry rant. I promise. Unfortunately, it just ain’t happening today…again. I had thought about writing up another architectural post, but that, too, requires coherent thought, and well. Lately, that seems to be in short supply in my massively disorganized brain. In the meantime, here’s yet another photo.


After all of the flowers and such, I figured I’d need to post something hard and dirty just to balance out the scales a little.

Joking aside, the subject of this photo is the location where the elevated tracks of the CTA Brown Line cross over Chicago Avenue in, well, Chicago. You can see the original entrance to the station below the tracks on the side of the street opposite of where I was standing; apparently, it is not in use anymore, as one now enters the station through a set of exposed staircases. Incidentally, one of my favorite locations is also to the right of where I was standing: Pearl art supplies is located here on Chicago Avenue. In case you don’t know, Pearl is a bit like a candy store for creative types, as they sell all manner of art supplies for practically every medium imaginable (no, they don’t stock rough blocks of carara marble, but just about everything else – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they could special order some of that marble, either).

Regarding the photo itself, as you can see from the cars, I had to use a slower shutter speed properly expose the underside of the elevated tracks, and even so, the background elements (which are in direct sunlight) ended up a little overexposed. I solved this latter problem with a bit of general burning in those areas, but they’re still a bit washed-out; this is probably inevitable, given the stark contrast between the brightly lit areas and the underside of the tracks. I also have to dodge the latter a bit to bring out the details of the tracks themselves, as they were still quite dark. The structural elements appear to have taken well to the dodging, however, so I think this part was quite successful.



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