Nothing on my mind, 10 August 2009


Since I’ll be traveling tomorrow, I’ve been taking most of the day to pack. Hence, I’m not in the mood to do any serious thinking at the moment. As such, enjoy the photo.


In case you don’t recognize the location, this is one of my favorite places in Chicago; as the sign says, this is Central Camera in Chicago, and they’ve been selling photographic equipment for over 100 years (again, as the sign says, they’ve been in business since 1899). I could say quite a bit about the store, but the short version is that it is basically like a candy store for photographers. Any of y’all who are at all interested in this activity would be well advised to stop in here if you’re ever in Chicago. For more information and the store’s location, please navigate over to their website.

And yes, for those of you who are still trapped in the last century, they do sell film and film cameras (which is good for me, since I also use that stuff)!



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