Nothing on my mind, 28 August 2009


Oh yes, I realize that since I’m writing this after midnight on the 29th, the date in the title of this post is technically incorrect. So sue me. I’m still awake from the 28th, so I’m still considering the date to be the 28th. If that’s too much of a mind screw for you, I humbly submit that your life isn’t nearly as interesting as it could be. [1] In any event, I’m not going to be writing much, since it’s getting late; as such, enjoy the photo.


Ain’t it purty? Okay, I suppose it would’ve been even prettier if the flower were open, but well. I can’t force these things. [2] I will confess that I did manipulate the color just a little bit, since I wanted to bring out the rather intense blue of the flower. Otherwise, this photo is a fairly typical selectively colored photo, so there’s not much else to say about it.



[1]: Yeah, yeah, I am aware of that old curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Still. Interesting does not necessarily imply good or bad, just not boring.

[2]: Okay, I suppose I could’ve pried open the petals of the flower, but given my oafishness, I probably would’ve irreparably damaged the flower in the process, and that wouldn’t’ve been pretty, now would it? [*]

[*]: And yes, before you lingual nitpickers out there get yourselves all twisted out of shape, I realize that “wouldn’t’ve” is not a proper contraction. Ask me if I care. No, really. Ask away; I won’t be rude in responding to your queries. Honest.


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