More Velvia goodness


Delving further into the Fuji Velvia slides I recently had scanned, here’s another example of that color-saturated goodness (depending on your aesthetic sense, of course).


Yes, as the title of the photo suggests, its a cloud with a rather obvious sunbeam. I hear tell some folks find these inspirational (so do I, else I wouldn’t photograph them). In this case, while I did not manipulate the colors of the scan, I did do a little highlight dodging in the cloudy portions on the left, since the highlights were not very noticeable in the original. And before y’all cry foul about selectively dodging the highlights (which, to be fair, is exactly how Photoshop identifies the tool [1]), there is, in fact, a chemical compound that one may use to basically “bleach” [2] selected portions of a finished print. So, take that!



[1]: Actually, in Photoshop, both the Dodge and Burn tools are subdivided into “Highlights,” “Midtones,” and “Shadows.” These subdivisions are, in fact, surprisingly effective. I love using them.

[2]: Okay, okay…it isn’t really bleach; I’m not sure what the chemical is, but what it does is to remove the silver crystals from the print surface, which is just a fancy way of saying that it makes darker areas lighter.


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