Another Velvia slide, 06 September 2009


Yeah, I’m still mesmerized by this Fuji slide film, so here’s another scan from the batch I just recently shot.


This is one of the exterior light fixtures at the Scope complex in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. The Scope itself is the primary arena venue in Norfolk, and plays host to a number of sporting events, conventions, etc. [1] The Scope itself, along with (presumably) the rest of the complex, which also includes a concert hall, was designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, [2][3] an Italian architect and engineer who was famous for his innovative designs utilizing reinforced concrete.

As for the photo itself, again, I did not find it necessary to adjust the colors of the original scan; the film itself provides excellent colors already. I did, however, burn the clouds a little bit, particularly those in the top portion of the photo. I was especially interested in ensuring that the clouds didn’t blend in with the white globes of the light fixtures; this wasn’t too much of an issue, as the overall tones of the clouds were set off from the globes, but I also figured that having the clouds a bit darker wouldn’t be a bad thing. As a result of this effort, I also decided to dodge the highlights on the globes, just for good measure. Of course, this photo is as much about the light fixture as it is about the phenomenal sky backdrop, so the burning of the darker tones of the clouds helped to accentuate the various “structural” features of the clouds themselves.



[1]: See here for the official website; there isn’t much historical information there, but you can get a sense for how the arena is currently used.

[2]: See here for more information about the Scope arena (Wikipedia article).

[3]: See here for more information about Nervi (Wikipedia article).


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