Expired Portra 160VC, 08 September 2009


Yes, here is another scan from my pro pack of expired film.


Photo Information:

Camera: Argus Argoflex 40
Film: Kodak Portra 160VC (120 reloaded onto 620 spools) [4]
Exposure: None (approximated based on camera settings)

As you’ll likely note, I shot this photo with a different camera than the one I used to capture yesterday’s photo; what can I say? Prior to my untimely layoff, I enjoyed collecting and using old film cameras, so I have quite a few laying around, should I choose to play with one. [1]

The subject of the photo itself is, perhaps, my most favorite view of Chicago: facing west from the Michigan Avenue Bridge, and along the Chicago River; to the left (south) is Wacker Drive, while there is no riverfront road on the right (north). I like this view, even if it contains few iconic Chicago landmarks; one in particular is just barely visible on the right-hand side: one of the “corn cob” towers of Marina City. [2]

Another reason I posted this photo is that it is a good example of what one may accomplish with this film, even though the day itself was not ideal for color photography. The day was overcast, and there was no direct illumination on, well, anything; regardless, I think the film did a decent job of rendering whatever colors were available in the scene.


[1]: Being a relatively well-compensated professional helped, as did my hermit-like habits, and not having a girlfriend on whom I’d be required to spend money. Sometimes, being single can be advantageous!

[2]: The towers of Marina City are so described because the shape of the balconies is evocative of a corn cob. See here for some additional information regarding the towers, as well as some more illustrative photos (Wikipedia article). And yes, for those of you who recognize it, I do realize that the new Trump Tower is also on the right; I don’t particularly care for this building, however, so I don’t have any interest in discussing it.


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