09 09 09 09 09


Oh yes, there’s a reason this post carries such an odd title. As y’all are likely aware by now, today’s date, in strictly numerical terms, is a unique one: 09 Sept. 2009 = 09 09 09. Of course, I decided to take that a step further than shoot a photo at 9:09 am (that’s 0909, in 24-hour or military time). This being the case, the time and date stamp for the image will read (again, in numerical terms): 0909, 09 09 09. [1]


As for the photo itself, the subject isn’t all that significant, but these purple berries just seemed a bit odd to me. No, I don’t think there’s anything unnatural or “wrong” about them, I’m just not used to seeing berries with this color. Or maybe they’re  unopened flowers? Either way, I thought they had an interesting color, so there you have it. As for the details, I shot this photo on my Nikon P80 digital camera, using the Daylight white balance setting, the Vivid color setting, and on Manual. The shutter and aperture settings were 1/250 sec. and f/4.5, respectively; I shot it at an equivalent of ISO 64. These settings were roughly underexposed by 1.5 stops, but I have found that as long as the resulting image does not turn out too dark, underexposing color shots tends to produce better color saturation from this camera.



[1]: Okay, I realize that I could’ve tried to time it to the second, but I know with certainty that I’m not that good with timing. Also, by that rationale, I could try to time it down to many fractions of a second, and that just seems a bit excessive.


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