Nothing on my mind, 12 September 2009


Today’s offering is significant not so much for the photo subject itself, but for the camera I used to take it. I’ll write about that at a later time, though. For now, enjoy the photo.


Photo Information:

Camera: Kodak Six-20 Brownie Junior
Film: Ilford Delta 100 (120 film reloaded onto 620 spools)

Yes, you read that right…the camera I used to take the above photo is a Kodak Brownie box camera. It’s not an original, mind you, but the model I used is a direct descendant of the original Brownie box camera. Given the nature of the camera and its intended function, I decided to forego my usual attentiveness to blemish removal, and left the photo mostly as it came out of the camera. I did adjust the contrast, along with dodging the apartment complex on the right, but this was only to achieve decent tonal saturation level in the image. Otherwise, I left the scratches, dust, and orientation flaws intact; it seemed appropriate to do so in this very limited case.

As for the subject itself, this is the intersection between Granby Street and Shirley Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia. The apartment complexes are new, but not particularly creative (in my opinion, of course); the colors on the left-hand complex are a bit garish, but obviously, that doesn’t show up in black and white. I just happened to like the oblique view of the intersection; incidentally, if you’re wondering what’s going on with the streets, Shirley Avenue (the street where I was standing) is offset where it intersects Granby Street, so the street you see to the right (approximately 30 ft away from the part of Shirley where I was standing) is the continuation of the former. Complexities aside, the street offset did provide an interesting view of these two buildings, so I appreciate the visual aspect of it (not so much when I have to drive through the area, but that’s beside the point, in this case).



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