Waiting for You, 18 September 2009


The title here refers to the title I’ve given to the photo contained herein. Yes, I’ve started naming my photos, though not entirely because I wanted to do so. [1] Though one might be tempted to infer something about my life from that title, in this case, it is quite appropriate, but I’ll let you see the photo before I get to the explanation.


As you can see, the subject of the photo is a tree, and a pull-up bar. I noticed this composition while at the Mount Trashmore Park [2] in Virginia Beach, VA; I was there for a community walk in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. [3][4] For those of you who still haven’t figured out why I assigned the aforementioned title to this photo, the title refers to the pull-up bar. As you might be able to guess, the pull-up bar serves no purpose until someone walks up to it – hence, it is (quite literally) waiting for you (or anyone, for that matter). Oh sure, one could also infer some hidden meaning from the emptiness of the photo, the solitary subjects, etc., but that’s your business, not mine.

As for the photo itself, as the filename suggests, I shot this on my Nikon P80 digital camera, at ISO 64, using the “Vivid” color balance option, and using the Manual exposure settings. Being early morning, the low angle of the sun provided a rather warm, though not too overbearing, illumination, so I didn’t make any significant adjustment to the color in post processing. In fact, the photo required almost no post processing at all.

Oh, and yeah…I did appreciate the apparent [5] solitude embodied by this composition, which is why I shot the photo in the first place!



[1]: I found out the hard way that my digital camera simply rolls over the filename numbers when the counter reaches 10,000 photos, e.g. the standard filename is “DSCN####;” once the counter reaches “DSCN9999,” it rolls over back to “DSCN0001.” Previously, I had simply taken the original filename and added “A” as a suffix (to indicate that the file had been edited), but otherwise left it unchanged. To avoid confusion with the older files, I’ve started assigning actual titles to any edited photos from now on. Not that I wanted to do this, mind you.

[2]: Yes, before you ask…it is a hill made out of trash. That’s been covered with sod. Lots of sod. See here for a description of the park and the hill (Wikipedia article).

[3]: As for why I was participating in the walk, well, I’m not going to touch that particular can of worms on an unsecured forum such as this. Just pretend that I was trying to be a decent human being.

[4]: On a serious note, see here for the official website of the AFSP.

[5]: I say “apparent” because there were hundreds of people congregated nearby, all also waiting for the walk to start. You just can’t see them in this particular view…they were gathered off to the left.


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