Nothing on my mind, 21 September 2009


Why, yes, there are things on my mind, but nothing I’m planning on sharing. Yup, that’s right…I’m a selfish bastard. So, sue me. Meanwhile, here’s yet another photo for your viewing pleasure. Or pain. Whatever works for you. Hey, I hear tell that some people derive pleasure from pain, so um, yeah. I’m not going to finish that thought.


Normally, I don’t much care for “cute” things, but this little cherub statue caught my attention as I was walking past. Sure, it seems a bit worse for wear, but hey, aren’t we all?

As for the statue itself, I found it perched on a low wall next to a driveway on Colonial Avenue in the Ghent neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia. The photo itself is a straightforward black and white conversion from a color digital file from my Nikon P80. Not much else to say, and my brain is about to shut down for the night, so that’s all for now.



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