Experimenting with expired film, 03 October 2009


Yes, that’s right…another post for today. Because.


Photo Information:

Camera: Canon AE-1 Program
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4 FD
Film: Mitsubishi MX-III ISO 400 (35mm), expired
Metering: TTL

I’ve already covered the odd colors and highly visible film grain for this particular expired film, so I won’t retread that ground. The subject of this photo is a French bakery on Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia. My parents once owned a restaurant not far from this bakery, so they occasionally indulged in the foodstuffs available therein. Of course, this was in my childhood, so I myself don’t remember much about it; additionally, my parents sold their nearby restaurant and opened one in another location, so they weren’t at the former for too long. Most of my memories of their restaurant operation are from the latter location.

Personal history aside, the signs on the facade have a rather “old-fashioned” appeal to them, being more akin to the kinds of hand-painted / hand-lettered signs that were common a few decades ago. Oh, and of course, the colors looked nice…yeah, I know. The latter is rather mindlessly gratuitous, but keep in mind that I was shooting an expired roll of color film, so it seemed appropriate to search out subjects that have interesting colors.


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