Lost without you, 11 October 2009


I bet y’all are guessing that there’s some subtext to the title of this post; well, there ain’t one. It is the same title as the photo below, but neither are indicative of anything significant. I just want them to sound like they’re significant. [1]


As I see it, one can interpret the title in one of two ways, both of which are literal. First, the hubcap is obviously lost (as in, it is no longer attached to a car), and as such, is absent from its owner (without you). Alternatively, the hubcap no longer has any purpose, as it is not attached to a car and does not serve its owner (lost here meaning “without purpose”). Yup. That’s what I had in mind when I named this one. [2]

As for the location, I found this hubcap propped up against a tree along Willow Wood Drive in Norfolk, Virginia, around a quarter mile (or so) from the Lafayette River. [3] I’m not sure what the hubcap is doing there, though it does seem like it was dropped here with purpose (though I may be reading too much into its location and orientation). Not much else to say about it or the photo; the latter was a fairly straightforward black and white conversion from a color original.



[1]: Yeah, that’s right. I like trying to sound smarter than I actually am.

[2]: Seriously, y’all shouldn’t even bother expecting me to make any deep, personal revelations here. Ain’t gonna happen; I’m particularly ornery when it comes to people prying into my personal life, so it stands to reason that I’m not going to reveal much information voluntarily, either. Get used to it!

[3]: Apparently, this was originally known as Tanner’s Creek; the river itself empties into the larger Elizabeth River, the latter of which empties into the Chesapeake Bay.


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