Nothing on my mind, 12 October 2009


Since I had a rather long day today, I really don’t have much of substance on my mind at the moment.


I have it on good authority that these are chrysanthemum flowers (white ones, in this case). [1] Not much to say about them, other than that the original photo was a bit dark, owing to the fact that the day was overcast. As such, I had to underexpose the shot just a bit to keep the shutter speed within a range where I could properly hand-hold the camera. [2] This being the case, I had to do some minor adjustments in post processing to bring the photo back to what it should have been.



[1]: Also known colloquially as “mums.” Actually, I’m certain of the variety of flower, since these ones are growing in my Mom’s garden, and she pointed out the name. Quite an amusing play on words there, eh? [*]

[*]: Oh, you didn’t get that? You know…Mum told me they were mums? Well, I thought it was funny.

[2]: As I may have mentioned before, the average cutoff point is generally assumed to be 1/60 sec. Obviously, some folks can hand-hold a camera at 1/30 sec. or even 1/15 sec. (if you’re Superman…), but 1/60 sec. is a good rule of thumb. Obviously, 1/125 sec. is even better, but given proper concentration, 1/60 isn’t too difficult. [**]

[**]: Note that my troubles on this overcast day are as much due to the ambient lighting itself, as to the limitations of my camera itself. Even though it is a “bridge” camera, the lens on my P80 is nowhere near as versatile as some of my SLR lenses, particularly the prime lenses. The maximum aperture setting on this lens at anything other than the wideangle setting is f/4; I have telephoto lens for my N80 that has a maximum aperture of f/1.8 (yes, I love that lens). The upshot of having these wider apertures is that I can squeeze out a few more shutter speed increments with the wider aperture settings, allowing me a bit more versatility in a given shooting situation. And yes, I know…I could get myself a DSLR, but you know. Those things are expensive, and I’m poor; perhaps, I’ll ask Santa for one…


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