Nothing on my mind, 15 October 2009


Since October is supposed to be a “scary” month, here’s something that might be somewhat scary for y’all. [1]


According to the geniuses online, [*] this little [2] arachnid goes by the rather creative name of “Black and Yellow Garden Spider,” [3] one of the many variations of orb weaver spiders. Or Argiope Aurantia, if you prefer the scientific name. While this one’s web doesn’t look too orderly in this photo, the full web is actually quite impressive. And big. [4]

On a strictly personal note, my siblings and I used to enjoy watching our Dad swat flies and feed them to such spiders (they apparently enjoy the front yard at my parents’ house). It was quite fun watching the spider paralyze its prey, then cocoon it for later consumption. Oh, and it was also an educational experience, or so my parents said was their justification for allowing us to watch these arachnid banquets. [5] Not that this has had any substantial effect on my psychological development, of course. Honest.



[1]: Scary, nauseating, whatever. YMMV.

[*]: See here for some additional information about this critter (Wikipedia article).

[2]: Little being a relative term…this guy is about 3 or 4 inches long (legs included); its body is at least an inch long and approximately 3/8″ wide.

[3]: I know…I thought I was lacking in creativity in naming stuff, but damn. I mean, seriously? They couldn’t name it after the guy who first discovered it, or something like that? But no…

[4]: About three feet across…

[5]: And yes, they did explain to us exactly what the spider was doing and what it would do later with the cocooned prey. What can I say? Our parents believed in full disclosure. And education.


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