Nothing on my mind, 29 October 2009


Yes, I know…I’ve been absent from the internets for a spell; computer and network woes. [1]

So, to celebrate my return, here’s a picture of a tree. No, seriously. It’s a picture of a tree. [2]


Photo Information:

Camera: Kodak Retina I Type 117
Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 5cm f/3.5
Film: Ilford Delta 100
Metering: Minolta Spotmeter F

I’ll (eventually) write a post about the camera, but for now, the short version is that it is an example of the first 135 (35mm) camera produced and marketed by Kodak.



[1]: Yeah, I know…I had computer troubles a few months back; it seems as though the same problems are (again) plaguing the machine. Suffice it to say, I am very not happy about this, especially considering that the failure coincidentally [*] occurred just after my warranty expired. The network issue is a new one; I’ve been using an aircard without issue for the past three years – apparently, this is atypical, as the cards generally have a two-year shelf-life. I find this odd, but since my service provider rebate came through in a big way for renewing my service, this doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the computer failure, as I had been considering replacing the card, anyways. [**]

[*]: I say coincidentally because the previous failure involved the same cause. Given that the replacement of said defective part took place only a few months previous, I find the timing of this failure to be just a little suspicious. It is hard to argue that the replacement part should have so short an operational life, considering that the original that came with my computer worked fine for just under three years. And, of course, now that my warranty is expired, unlike the previous replacement, I’ll have to pay for this one. Like I said, coincidental, indeed.

[**]: That having been said, it seems that Murphy is having a bit of fun at my expense. Considering that I need my computer for work (and thus, for earning money), and I’m still in a slightly precarious financial situation due to my earlier unemployment, this is not exactly the best time for me to experience technological difficulties. Curse you, Murphy!!!

[2]: Despite my incredibly apathetic response to anthropogenic global warming and such environmental concerns, I do like the look of trees. They’re pretty. Oh, by the way, this particular tree is located in Stockley Gardens “park” in Norfolk, Virginia.


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