Virginia elections, 02 November 2009


Those of y’all in Virginia should, by now, be well aware that tomorrow is Election Day for our new governor. I’m not going to endorse a specific candidate, [1] but I do suggest that anyone who plans on voting tomorrow (and all eligible voters should) should familiarize yourselves with the positions of the two candidates. [2] To that end and for your convenience, here are the websites for the two candidates, Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell. [3]

Keep yourselves informed, and yes, get out there and vote!


[1]: Oh yeah, like you’re really going to let my opinion sway you! In any event, anyone who’s read any of my previous political / current events¬†posts will probably be able to deduce the direction in which I’ll be casting my vote, anyways.

[2]: If you haven’t already done so, that is. This being the eve of the election, I’d hope that most of y’all have done your homework. Me being the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t check out their respective websites until this afternoon. Thank God for the internets!

[3]: No, there’s no significance to the order in which I listed their names, either, so don’t bother going there; the two candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

[*]: Note also that despite some of the hyperbole floating around the ether, I’m not exactly considering this a referendum on the President and his sycophants, tempting though such a comparison may be. The President, for his part, has injected himself into the mix by endorsing the Democratic candidate, but ultimately, this election is not about national politics. But then again, I’m one of those wacky sorts who still believe in state sovereignty and the use of said sovereignty as a check against Fedgov expansion. I know…weird concept, right? It’s not like the Founders believed in such notions themselves. Oh wait…


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