Nothing on my mind, 02 November 2009


This being the 200th post since I started doing this back in March, I think that I can officially say that no, I don’t have a life. At all. Well, hopefully y’all have been enjoying this as much as I have. Oh sure, I don’t have a life, but that doesn’t bother me much. [1] As you can well surmise, I don’t feel much of a need to be around other people – my photographic proclivities, for example, do not lend themselves to collaborative effort. Unless, of course, you know of someone who wouldn’t mind wandering around filthy alleys, railroad tracks, and other such exciting locales. [2] Anyways, here is yet another photo for your viewing pleasure.


The subject of this photo is a pink dahlia flower [3] that is growing in the front yard of my Mother’s house in Norfolk, Virginia. Besides the obvious macro composition, I added a slight soft focus effect using a blur filter at roughly 65% transparency. I also lightened the blurred layer a bit to add a glow to the soft focus effect. I shot the original relatively early in the morning (around 0900, IIRC). Other than that, there’s not much else to tell about the composition or post processing.



[1]: No, really. My other interests include sketching and reading. Yup…I’m sure there are plenty of people who wouldn’t mind sitting around while I’m doing these!

[2]: Hey, let me know if you do…preferably cute, blonde, and female, thank you very much (sorry guys, I just don’t swing that way).

[3]: Yeah, I know…for someone who doesn’t know much about flowers (or plants in general) and has had few opportunities (or reasons) to give them, I do tend to take quite a few photos of them. What can I say? I lead a strange life.


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