Another Velvia slide, 10 November 2009


Yes, I know…I got my new computer set up, then I decided to lay off of the blog posts. Oops. To make up for it, here’s a brand-spankin’-new Velvia slide for your viewing pleasure.


Photo Information:

Camera: Leica IIIf
Lens: Leitz Summitar 50mm f/2
Film: Fuji Fujichrome Velvia 100F ISO 100 (35mm, Slide Film)
Metering: Minolta Spotmeter F

Since I’ve already described Fuji’s Velvia film, I won’t retread that ground. The sky isn’t quite how I thought it would turn out, but just look at the reflections in the water! This small creek feeds into the southern branch of the Elizabeth River, just upriver from the (now-closed) Jordan Bridge [1] in Chesapeake, Virginia. And yes, before you ask…those are wires in the sky; given my druthers, I would’ve removed them, but to do so would’ve been too difficult, so I left them in. [2]



[1]: More on that in another post.

[2]: Had the sky been clear, I probably would’ve given a shot to the removal. As it is, trying to match patterns/tones within the cloudy sky isn’t an easy task; I’ve tried doing this in other scans, and sometimes it works – after many hours of intensive effort. Most of the time, I tend to think it is simply less of a hassle to leave them in; after all, it’s how I found the scene, anyways.


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