07 December 2009


Given today’s date, I thought I’d share something appropriate for the occasion.

While I’m not normally much of a YouTube fan, sometimes it has its uses.

For those of you who can’t view the link (or prefer to read the text itself), here’s a link to a transcript of the speech. [1]

We should never forget these events, or how they shaped our Republic. [2]


[1]: The transcript is from Wikisource, and seems to be an accurate one, based on the audio of the speech. I’d prefer a source that is free from all the links this one has, but again, it’s accurate, and most of the other online sources I found were either less so, had annoying pop-ups, or both.

[2]: Note that this should apply to the entire history of our Republic…

[*]: Note also that this is how one declares war on another nation, and how one should define victory – absolute victory. Regarding our current engagements, while I cannot speak for the situation in Iraq, we should also never forget that our actions in Afghanistan were not without justification – unless, of course, one is willing to argue that we should not hold accountable those regimes who deliberately give aid and comfort to our enemies. But I digress…


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