Fuji Velvia 50, 19 January 2010


I’m taking the afternoon off, so here’s a relatively early post for today (early, in that I’m getting it posted before quarter to midnight).


Photo Information:

Camera: Nikon N80
Lens: Nikon Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 (Macro)
Film: Fuji Velvia 50 Slide Film (35mm)
Metering: TTL

Yup, it’s a macro shot of a basil plant. Because.



One Response to “Fuji Velvia 50, 19 January 2010”

  1. […] of y’all who’ve read some of my previous posts (last year, that is) know just how much I like shooting Fuji’s Velvia color-reversal film. If you haven’t, go ahead and […]

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