Isolation, 14 February 2010


For today’s post, I had intended to include a photo of a wicked-looking tree I saw in a golf course on the east side of Lakeshore Drive; I originally saw it a few days ago when I took a walk in the evening, but by the time I found the tree, the sun was almost set, so I didn’t get a chance to photograph it then. No matter, thought I…I can always come back and shoot it in better light – which is what I did yesterday. That said, while walking to the spot, something else caught my eye, and I had to shoot it, as well. Just goes to show that you never can tell when you might see something phenomenal.


Photo Information:

Camera: Nikon Coolpix P80
ISO Equivalency: 64
Color Setting: Vivid
Metering: TTL

Even with the color set on “Vivid,” I found that I needed to adjust the hue and saturation just a tiny bit in post-processing; the colors weren’t bad, but I wanted them to have just a little more “pop” to them. As for the subject itself, this is a view of Lake Michigan, facing east. The strip of dark blue beyond is the liquid surface of the lake; the water up to that point in the fore- and mid-ground is frozen, hence the lighter tones. Besides the color adjustment, I didn’t need to do much else post-processing; as I mentioned, I just happened to look over while walking along the lakeshore, and I saw this view.

Oh, and if you’re wondering whether or not there’s any connection between my choice of subject matter and today’s “festivities,” um, no…none that I’m aware of. This is just how it happened to turn out. Honest.



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