Location, Location, Location


Google appears to have been all over the pranks for today, perhaps none more so than their responses to location queries for GPS-enabled smartphones, [1] as evidenced by the following photo.


Funny how much Rivendell [2] resembles my office. The elves must’ve been hiding…

Happy first day of April!


[1]: Of course, this doesn’t work with the traditional Google – er, Topeka [*] – search on their non-mobile site (for obvious reasons). And for the curious sorts out there, yes, this is my shiny new(ish) phone…with its lovely touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keypad (I suck at the “virtual” keypad, so I need the latter).

[*]: One of their other “improvements” for the day…see here, if you haven’t already noted the change. Note that as of this writing, the main site has switched back to the traditional name. Alas.

[2]: Apparently, the friendly folks at Google are LOTR fans…a few of my friends tried this out, as well; one found himself in Isengard, while another found himself in Mordor. Needless to say, I much prefer my location to theirs! [**]

[**]: Fear not, though…there were plenty of other location results, as well. My sister, for example, spent the day at Hogwarts (yes, that one), and earlier this evening, I found myself at the Apollo 17 landing site…yup, the one on the Moon.


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