Unnecessary Roughness, 09 April 2010


Seriously…was it really necessary for the President to chime in on this issue? Okay, so McDonnell should’ve known better, and he’s apologized for that. So why is it necessary for the President himself to call attention to the issue again, now that McDonnell has already apologized and announced how he intends to correct the oversight? Smacks of cheap partisan opportunism to me, but maybe that’s just me…

[Aside: Mind you, I’m not defending the notion that the study of CSA history can be entirely devoid of connections to slavery – the latter was, after all, most prevalent in the states that eventually seceded from the Republic and indeed was of far greater economic importance to said states than it was to the loyalist states. We should, however, be mindful of the fact that slavery was not the only issue of importance leading up to our Civil War – but that’s a topic for another time.]


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