Note to President Calderon, 24 May 2010


Dear President Calderon,

Just a few thoughts on your recent comments regarding some of our more “controversial” domestic policies:

  • Know your audience. Americans tend not to appreciate when a foreigner (dignitary or not) implies that one of our cherished constitutional liberties is less important than making sure we make your domestic security issues easier for you. In all fairness, we shouldn’t be actively trying to make things worse for you, but you also shouldn’t fault the majority of the American people for the bad acts of a very, very small minority, either.
  • “I want to say to the migrants…that we admire them, we miss them, [and] we are working hard for their rights … [and] for their families,” – If you miss ’em so much, by all means…take ’em back. We won’t mind. Honest. And if you truly are concerned about their rights, protect them as you see fit…when they’re back within your jurisdiction.
  • “Criminalizing immigration…opens the door to intolerance, hate, and discrimination,” – Perhaps, you need some assistance seeing the point here? Nothing that has transpired within the past few months has changed the nature of how we define “criminal immigration,” i.e. illegal immigration. Immigration itself is not at issue here; illegal immigration is, however. And yes, before you ask, there is a distinction.
  • Pursuant to the previous item, if you’re going to criticize the legislation of a particular state of our Republic, you might want to read the text of said legislation before making any allegations against it. [1]
  • The drug cartels that are ravaging your country may be feeding the “insatiable” demand for such products in our nation, but they’re going through your nation because they can. Sure, we could try to force our own citizens to stop using such products so that your nation doesn’t face such a harsh security problem, [3] but perhaps, you could make it less desirable to use your country as the expressway? I know, I know…its a radical thought, but if you were to pursue such a strategy, then your country’s ills would have little to nothing to do with our country’s depravities, right? [4]
  • While we’re at it, border security works on both sides of said border. If you don’t think we’re doing enough to secure the border, stop telling us what we should be doing about it, and do it yourself on your side. Seems like a rather simple solution to that problem, so what’s the holdup? Oh, right… (see Note 4 below)

That about wraps it up, I think. I hope you enjoyed your visit to our great Republic.


[1]: This actually applies to at least a handful of the rather vocal domestic critics, as well.

[2]: Just for reference, here is a link to the full text of the law, Arizona SB 1070 (PDF Warning).

[3]: Or, y’know, because Fedgov knows what’s best and should engage in coercive activities because we need to be protected from ourselves. Nah…that’d never happen, right?

[4]: Oh, right…then who would you blame for all your problems? Forget I said anything.


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