Winter Morning, 04 January 2011


These are among the first photos I’ve shot this year, but they’ll also be some of the last of this new year for a little while. I have a rather sizable backlog of photos from the end of last year [1] that I’ll be sorting through, including quite a few from my recent trip to Virginia to visit my folks for the holidays. So, after the photos below, I’ll be backtracking a bit…hope y’all don’t mind.




Photo Information:

Location: Chicago Illinois; Lake Michigan shore
Camera: Nikon D80 [2]
Lens: Nikon Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 [3]
ISO Equivalency: 100
Color Setting: Vivid

One of the advantages of winter is that sunrise takes place a bit later in the day than it does during summer – the last time I went out to photograph a sunrise, I had to be at the lake shore around 0500 (this was back in July). Due to the shorter days of winter, I was able to shoot these three photos at the much more reasonable hour of 0700 [4] – which, to my mind, is a much better time of day!

Anyways, I thought that a nice, colorful sunrise would be a good way to kick off the new year. Enjoy.


[1]: It would appear that the frigid Winter weather isn’t stopping me from shooting copious amounts of photos – of course, the fact that I love Winter may have something to do with that.

[2]: I should probably point out that these are among the first photos I’ve posted since starting to use the RAW file settings on my D80 (actually, NEF settings, since this is Nikon’s proprietary form of RAW). Not sure yet if I notice much in the way of differences since I still output to JPEG with the final images, but I suppose it helps to have the “digital negative” around, in case I need to make some different editing decisions. Or something like that. Of course, this also more than doubles my digital imagery file storage requirements, since RAW files are much larger than JPEGs. Good thing my computer has a rather sizable built-in HDD – not to mention the external drives…

[3]: No, I didn’t get a new lens for Christmas. *sigh* No, this is actually an older manual focus lens I use on my FM2 35mm SLR. Yes, that’s right…I used a manual focus lens on my DSLR – and it was fun. The main issue is that the DSLR can’t automate calculating the exposure settings, since the older manual lenses have no CPU I/O interfaces, so it’s basically a trial-and-error affair in Manual to nail the correct exposure settings. Of course, the fact that I had my FM2 along with me helped immeasurably, since I could meter using the FM2 and transfer those settings to the D80, and then bracket the exposure from there. [*]

[*]: I should point out (before anyone asks) that this wasn’t the result of some weird experiment; the shop where I get my film here in Chicago, Central Camera, was having a sale on near-“expiration” B&W film, so I picked up a few rolls. Since Nikon uses the same F-Mount for all of their lenses since they first introduced the Nikon F SLR way, way back in 1959, the older manual lenses may still be attached to even the newer DSLRs, though with much more limited functionality. Thus, while I wouldn’t be able to autofocus or use the TTL meter on the D80 while using one of these manual lenses, it was still possible to use the camera with ’em, so I carried along the body with the other lenses I was carrying for my FM2.

[4]: This still meant that I had to wake up around 0615 to get ready, but it’s still much better than having to wake up at 0415 during the summer…


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