Arizona and a Plea for Sanity


It’s only been two days since the deadly events in Tuscon, Arizona, and already, I’m getting a headache from hearing the ranting on all sides about the political implications of the shootings. On the Left, there are shrill criticisms of the heated rhetoric that may have influenced the shooter (though no one has yet established a causal link between the two), and on the Right, there are equally shrill condemnations of the Left’s assertions and knee-jerk defensive claims regarding their chosen voices. Enough, folks.

Let me state in no uncertain terms that there is absolutely no justification for the heinous acts of the shooter, who is quite clearly a disturbed individual (whether or not he is mentally ill, well…that’ll have to wait for the legal proceedings). Let me also point out that both sides are perilously close to forgetting the true tragedy here, namely that six individuals lost their lives – individuals who have families and friends who even now are struggling to come to terms with their respective losses. There is also another individual fighting for her life (though thankfully, she appears to be improving). Nothing, and I do mean nothing, should overshadow these tragedies.

There will be ample time to discuss the possible political repercussions involved later – like when this sick individual comes to trial. Now is not the time for political gamesmanship, and both sides should know that. We don’t even know why this individual acted out in the way he did – thus far, there is no hint of motive, and he isn’t talking to the authorities. I understand that the President will be making a statement regarding these events, and I do sincerely hope that he does not add further fuel to this ridiculous spectacle.

So please, will both sides just shut the hell up, quit jumping to conclusions, and join together to support the families and friends of the fallen in their time of grief.

Sidenote: I also understand that members of the Westboro Baptist Church are planning to protest at the funeral for 9-year-old Christina Green, for whatever ridiculous reasons motivate these individuals. If any of y’all can read this, you suck. This will likely be one of the worst days ever for her family, and you’re going to make it worse. Yeah, I’m sure God is perfectly okay with that. To anyone in Tuscon involved in the “angel action” or just plain interested in maintaining some semblance of dignity for the family, best of luck in your endeavors. At least someone still has a sense of decency.


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