Winter in Norfolk, 13 January 2011


Having lived for most of my life in Norfolk prior to moving to Chicago, I’m well aware that Norfolk typically gets very little snow (if any) during the winter months. [1] This year apparently, Mother Nature decided that that needed to change in a big way. [2]



Photo Information:

Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: Nikon Nikkor 20mm f/2.8
ISO Equivalency: 100
Color Setting: Vivid

I shot these two photos just four days apart, the first on 23 December and the second on 27 December. [3] The location is in the Ghent Neighborhood on Colonial Avenue between Princess Anne Road and Shirley Avenue, facing north. [4] As for why I chose this particular spot, well. I’m fair sure I’ve explained it in an earlier post (though I don’t recall where it is at the moment…somewhere in the archives, I suspect), but suffice it to say, it is an interesting view. And just look at that tree. I love wacky looking trees, don’t you?



[1]: Amusing story: During the winter here in Chicago, I generally wear my boots when I’m walking around – they’re waterproof, fairly well insulated, and have pretty good traction on snow and ice. Knowing what I know about the weather tendencies in Norfolk for the winter, I briefly pondered whether I should bring said boots along for the trip. Thinking to myself that the possibility of getting half a foot of snow on the ground was remote (at best), I left them here and brought just my running shoes along. So naturally, towards the end of my trip, Norfolk gets hit with a massive (for the area) snowstorm that dumps over half a foot of snow on the ground. Yup…Mother Nature sure does like making me eat my words, doesn’t she? Of course, as you can see, the lack of boots didn’t stop me from walking around in the snow, but it was a bit…interesting. Thankfully, Norfolk never gets nearly as cold as Chicago (or windy, for the most part), so apart from some traction issues, it wasn’t too bad.

[2]: As my brother so eloquently put it, “My faith in anthropogenic global warming is directly proportional to the temperature outside my front door…” Oh yes, I know…it’s not “Global Warming” anymore, it’s “Climate Change” (yeah, nice dodge guys…now, you don’t have to bother explaining why Global Warming leads to colder weather – except some of us remember when y’all were up in arms about Global Warming, not Climate Change), but still. This also does not lead me to have much confidence the NOAA’s recent pronouncement that 2010 has tied the record for THE HOTTEST YEAR EVER. Yeah…meanwhile, it’s been 20-ish degrees in Chicago for most of the past month and we got our first snowfall the day after Thanksgiving (which, for those of y’all who are unaware, is rather unusual – not unprecedented, but not common, either).

[3]: For those of y’all who really, really must know about the interval, the 24th was Christmas Eve, the 25th was Christmas Day (both of which I spent with family), and the 26th was when all the snow fell on the area, so walking around was rather out of the question.

[4]: As you can see from the photo, Norfolk isn’t too well prepared for snow and ice, particularly on the roads. I should note that Colonial Avenue is not a major thoroughfare and so, not a high priority for plowing, but that being said, the major streets didn’t look much better, either. In most places, the roads were covered with a solid sheet of ice for a few days. Of course, since the ambient temperature rarely drops below freezing (except at night), the streets did get plenty of warming time in the sunlight after the snowstorm had passed through, but that still takes time, particularly when the ice is over an inch thick…


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