Nauticus, 19 January 2011


Nauticus is the National Maritime Museum, located in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Immediately adjacent to it is the Battleship USS Wisconsin (BB-64), which I’ve shown in a previous post.


Photo Information:

Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: Nikon Nikkor 20mm f/2.8
ISO Equivalency: 100
Color Setting: Vivid

I’ve only been inside a handful of times, so I can’t comment much on the quality of the exhibitions; no doubt they have some interesting ones – what with Norfolk’s extensive maritime history, both civilian and military. I’m more concerned at the moment with the exterior – and it is a rather fine one, isn’t it? Lots of interesting shapes and textures.

Interestingly, I have not one, but two connections to this building, though both are incidental. On the architectural side, the first architectural firm [1] with whom I was employed had a hand in the design of the building, though that was a few years before my time there. On the construction side, I now do shop drawings (freelance) for a metal fabrication company [2] that was involved in the installation of the various metal panels on the exterior – yes, all those nice blue panels you see in the above photo, though again, this was before my time with the company.



[1]: Shriver and Holland Associates, located in Norfolk, Virginia.

[2]: Metal Crafters, Inc., located in Portsmouth, Virginia.


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