Photography for Dummies, 19 February 2011


There is actually something to that title WRT the camera I used to take this and the photo in my previous post, but I’ll get to that in a minute. For right now, here’s another photo, fresh from post-processing!

KodakDuaflexIV CHI Acros100 Broadway&Buena01B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Uptown Neighborhood
Camera: Kodak Duaflex IV
Lens: Integral Kodak Kodar 72mm f/8
Film: Fuji Neopan Acros 100 (120 respooled onto 620)

For those of y’all who don’t know, Kodak’s primary mission ever since they started manufacturing cameras (way, way, way back in the late 1880s) has been to make photography more accessible to the average person – regardless of whether or not they had formal training in the photographic arts. As a consequence of that, many of their cameras are designed to be fairly well “idiot”-proof – i.e., they’re about as simple as can be made: durable, easy to handle, and simple to operate. As such, many Kodak cameras eschew such complications as variable shutter and aperture settings, interchangeable lenses (not that common until the 30s and 40s, anyways), and complex focus mechanisms. A good example is the camera I used to take the above photo; by “normal” Kodak standards, this one was fairly luxurious: it has adjustable aperture settings and a lens focus mechanism (rather rudimentary, but it’s there). Still, the camera is simple enough that the settings really aren’t all that difficult to decipher – certainly less so than those on, say, modern DSLRs with their profusion of buttons, dials, and on-board functions (many of which I don’t even know about or use – and I’ve got some training behind me)! Sometimes, it is quite liberating to just get out there and not have to think so hard about how to manipulate all the various controls, and just shoot.

As for this particular photo, the building on the left is at the northwest corner of Broadway and Buena in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Those of y’all who remember my post from the blizzard may recognize the building (in fact, you can still see some of the snow that’s left over from the blizzard on the sidewalks). Rather fancy-looking for a liquor store, ain’t it? I don’t know the history of the building, but I suppose I can try to track that down…meanwhile, though…pretty, ain’t it?



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