Blue on Blue, 01 March 2011


About a year ago, I posted a photo of one of the trees in the section of Lincoln Park adjacent to the Old Town Neighborhood…one that the folks at the Chicago Parks District had painted blue. Apparently, they painted several trees, which gave me the idea to photograph the following series.






Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Old Town Neighborhood (Lincoln Park)
Camera: Nikon D80
Lens: Nikon Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 (Upper 3 Photos); Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 DX (Lower 2 Photos)
ISO Equivalency: 100
Color Setting: Vivid

I still don’t know why these trees were painted various colors, but then, I didn’t really bother to ask anybody, either. Nice blues, though, aren’t they?



One Response to “Blue on Blue, 01 March 2011”

  1. […] in this particular case, I liked the blue-on-blue combination. And yes, I did photograph this tree before, but that was with my […]

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