Kodak Bantam, 21 March 2011


No, I’m not making up words again…Kodak really did manufacture a camera called the Bantam – a whole series of them, in fact…and a unique film format specifically for these cameras. But more on that later, as it’s getting rather late tonight. For now, consider this a teaser for the rest of the week – I’ll write more about the camera I used for the following photo, and later on…how you can improvise your own Bantam film from easily-available modern film products (Bantam – or 828 – film is no longer made, and hasn’t been since the 1950s)…but that’s a much longer post for another time. For now, enjoy the photo!

BantamF6o3 CHI TMax100 MadisonAlley01B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Loop
Camera: Kodak Bantam f/6.3
Lens: Kodak Anastigmat 53mm f/6.3
Film: Kodak TMax 100 (35mm respooled onto 828)

The subject of this photo is an alley off of Madison Street in the Loop. While it may look a little like some wacky industrial site, these are primarily fire escape stairs and some pipes and such.

Also, if you’re familiar with 35mm frame sizes (the same as the proportions used by modern digital cameras for their sensors), you may notice that this frame is a bit…different. I’ll get into this later, but the short version is that Bantam frames were 28mm x 41mm, while 135 frames are 24mm x 36mm; even adjusting for the difference between the frame heights, the Bantam frames are still longer than the 135 frames. Rather than crop these down to 8×10 proportions as I typically do, I decided to leave the proportions of this scan intact.

As I mentioned, I’ll get into more detail later. For now, enjoy!


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