City By The Lake, 21 May 2011


Okay, one more post, since I seem to be able to function (more or less) despite my illness, mostly, I think, due to the witches’ brew of coffee, black tea, and orange juice I pumped into my system this morning. I’m sure it’ll all come crashing down soon enough. In the meantime, though, here’s another photo!

ZecaBettax CHI Acros100 CityByTheLakeNight01B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Camera: Zeca Bettax
Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach 105mm f/4.5 Radionar
Film: Fuji Neopan Acros 100 (120)

I’m fair sure I’ve posted photos with this view before, but with my head as stuffed up as it is, I can’t recall when. The view is from the Museum Campus, pretty much at the very tip of the artificial peninsula at the Adler Planetarium. I like photographing from this location as opposed to the nearer vantage point at the Shedd Aquarium, as the latter has a park between it and the Loop, while the view from the Planetarium looks out across Lake Michigan, with the city immediately beyond. Given that I’m prone to seasickness, this is likely as close as I’ll ever get to photographing the city from the Lake.

Given the limited number of shots I had at my disposal (the Bettax takes only 8 6×9 cm shots per roll), I took a few test shots with my DSLR to verify the exposure prior to shooting with the Bettax. Thus, I only needed the one shot on film – basically, this could be considered a digital version of shooting a test Polaroid prior to shooting the actual photo (which is, of course, now impossible in its original form, as Polaroid no longer manufactures instant film). Also, unlike most of my photos that I crop to 8×10 proportions, this one maintains the original 2:3 aspect ratio of the original, as I wanted to preserve as much of the skyline as possible.



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