Twisted, 26 May 2011


Yeah, I know…I meant to post this earlier today, but, er…yeah. The day kinda got away from me there…weird how that can happen when I have nothing to do. Apparently, I’ve become an expert at distracting myself. Anyways, here are some close-ups (sorta) of a tree.

ZecaBettax CHI TMax100 Twisted01B

ZecaBettax CHI TMax100 Twisted02B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Lincoln Park (Uptown Neighborhood)
Camera: Zeca Bettax
Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach 105mm f/4.5 Radionar
Film: Kodak TMax 100 (120)

Once upon a time, I carried around a pocket rangefinder device to determine distances for cameras that didn’t have their own built-in rangefinding mechanisms, but recently, well. Actually, I can’t find the rangefinder thing…I’m sure it’s in one of the boxes of stuff that I still haven’t unpacked from when I moved here from Virginia…three years ago. In the meantime, I’ve taken to estmating distances, which, I suppose, is good practice, anyways. Being artistically inclined, one would think that I would know a thing or two about distance and perspective, but alas. Actually, most of what I know about artistic perspective is stuff I had to learn on my own – I have no formal training in art…or photography, for that matter (mostly – I took one college-level class in photography as an elective…and I can guarantee you that the class did not in any way involve learning how to use 70-year-0ld medium format cameras). Anyways, in this case, I just pointed the camera up into the branches of the tree and took a guess as to how high they were overhead. Looks like I guessed correctly!

As for the composition, well. I happen to like trees…especially shapely ones (this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, considering some of my recent posts regarding trees). These branches are part of a tree that I’ve photographed before; it’s in the Lincoln Park golf course near Irving Park. If you want to see what the tree itself looks like, check out the link; these two shots were more about how, well, twisted the branches of the tree are.



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