Argus Argoflex, 15 June 2011


I do have a few more photos to post from my YashicaMat, but for the moment, I’m going to switch gears, so that I can transition to another camera; in this case, the camera is my Argus Argoflex Twin-Lens Reflex (TLR) camera. I’ve written about this camera before, so if you want to see more information about the camera, check out that post. Otherwise, check out the photos below!

ArgusAF CHI TMax100 Abandoned01B

ArgusAF CHI TMax100 AndersonvilleHouse01B

ArgusAF CHI TMax100 AndersonvilleHouse02B

ArgusAF CHI TMax100 Broadway&ArgyleE01B

ArgusAF CHI TMax100 CloudGate01B

Photo Information:

Camera: Argus Argoflex TLR
Lens: Argus 75mm f/4.5 Varex
Film: Kodak TMax 100 (120)

Photo 1:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Bucktown Neighrborhood

This is the (mostly) unlighted interior of an old coach house in the Bucktown Neighborhood. The property (currently) belongs to one of my friend’s extended family, though they’re in the process of liquidating their property assets. This house has been abandoned for several years, though for some inexplicable reason, someone broke in by knocking in one of the windows, so my friend and I stopped by to board up the opening. I shot this photo through the broken window before we boarded it up. I cropped this photo into a portrait format because, well, the sides literally contributed nothing to the composition – they were entirely filled with solid black shadows.

Photos 2 & 3:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Andersonville Neighborhood

These two houses are in Andersonville, between Clark & Broadway. The first one is a pretty decent 19C greystone (the type is named for the color of the stone, though for the most part, stone houses in Chicago are either grey or brown, so there are only the two names); the second is a little more…distinctive. If I were in a charitable mood, I would classify it as a descendant of the Mannerist Style of the late Renaissance; most days, though, I just think it’s poorly designed. It’s not that I mind sculpture or sculptural details on a house, but in this case, the profusion of pieces seems random, not designed; it’s as though someone just stuck the various pieces wherever they felt like putting them, without much thought for the overall composition of the design.

Photo 4:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Uptown Neighborhood

This is the intersection of Broadway and Argyle in the Uptown Neighborhood. In the background is the Argyle stop on the CTA Red Line; it’s rather distinctive for the Asian-style roof over the waiting platform. There are also numerous Asian markets and restaurants in the neighborhood, which makes the choice of roof style sensible here. Of particular note is the restaurant on the right-hand side of the photo: Tank Noodle, so nicknamed, I assume, due to the similarity between the third syllable of it’s official name (Pho Xe Tang) and the armored vehicle. Rather amusing play on words, if you ask me…you can also just barely make out the logo of the restaurant on the far right: a stylized green tank.

Photo 5:
Location: Chicago, Illinois; Millennium Park

This is the Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park, with some of the buildings of the North Loop in the background, most obviously the Prudential Tower on the left side. You can also many of the buildings of the central Loop reflected in the sculpture itself. Nice, ain’t it?



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