Kodak Duaflex IV, 06 July 2011


Oh yes…I have another set of colorful photos for you!

KodakDuaflexIV CHI Velvia100 CrazyTree04B

KodakDuaflexIV CHI Velvia100 LP-CarlsonCottage01B

KodakDuaflexIV CHI Velvia100 LP-Conservatory01B

KodakDuaflexIV CHI Velvia100 LP-NorthPond01B

KodakDuaflexIV CHI Velvia100 LP-RainbowTrees01B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Lincoln Park
Camera: Kodak Duaflex IV
Lens: Kodak 72mm f/8 Kodar
Film: Fuji Velvia 100F (620)

Photo 1:
Hey look! A big, twisty tree! Yeah, I know…I’m obsessed with naked trees.

Photo 2:
This is the Carlson Cottage, a “comfort station” (public restrooms) in Lincoln Park (completed in 1888 and designed by Joseph Lyman Silsbee); I’m fair sure it isn’t operational anymore.

Photo 3:
Part of the large glazed roof on the Lincoln Park Conservatory (completed in 1894 and designed by Joseph Lyman Silsbee); as with many conservatories of its era, it was inspired by the Crystal Palace. One of the nice aspects of the Conservatory is that it is open all year round, so it’s a nice place to warm up in the winter; I suspect it isn’t quite so pleasant in the summer, though, as it does get rather warm inside.

Photo 4:
This is a view 0f the North Pond in Lincoln Park, as viewed from the south end of the pond (just north of Fullerton). In the background, you can see some of the high-rise apartment towers that line the perimeter of the Park, including one of the last projects designed by Lucien Lagrange Architects (one of my former employers) – the tower that is under construction in the center of the view.

Photo 5:
Remember that blue tree in the post I published yesterday? Well, here are some of its siblings! Somebody had fun with the paint…

I should also point out that such is the size and diversity of elements in Lincoln Park that all of the photos in this post are views of various parts of the Park.



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