Kodak 620 Brownie Junior, 09 September 2011


Hey look…more Brownie photos!

BrownieJr620 CHI PanF+ CTA-Madison&WabashN01B

BrownieJr620 CHI PanF+ CTA-Madison&WabashS01B

BrownieJr620 CHI PanF+ FisherBuilding01B

Photo Information:

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Loop
Camera: Kodak Brownie Junior 620
Lens: Unnamed Integral Kodak Lens; Approx. focal length: 120mm
Film: Ilford PanF+ (620) [1]

The first two photos were taken at the CTA Madison & Wabash stop on the northbound side; the views are to the north and south, respectively. The train in second photo is an Orange Line train headed to Midway (I think – it could also be a Pink or Purple Line train); the platform on which I was standing only services the Brown and Green Lines. [2] The subject of the third photo is the Fisher Building (completed in 1896 and designed by Daniel Burnham); as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, this is one of my favorite buildings in Chicago. In the upper part of the photos, you can see part of the structure for the Loop elevated tracks.



[1]: Unlike the original Brownie, this camera uses 620 film – which is exactly the same size as 120 (which, appropriately enough, was introduced with the No. 2 Brownie), and can easily be adapted from the latter, assuming you have the appropriate spools for the job (I have plenty).

[2]: For those of y’all who haven’t had the pleasure of riding on the CTA elevated trains, there are five lines that share the same set of two elevated tracks in the Loop. The lines only run in one direction around the Loop and head back out on their merry way. The Orange, Pink, and Purple Lines run clockwise around the Loop, while the Brown and Green Lines run counterclockwise. The Red and Blue Lines run straight through the Loop, but both are subways through the Loop and transfer to the elevated tracks at a handful of stations.


2 Responses to “Kodak 620 Brownie Junior, 09 September 2011”

  1. Mike Says:

    You got a great tonal range from that Pan F+ in the Brownie. Inspiring work.

  2. andybeel Says:

    Nice pictures – thanks

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